About Moamena Kamel Foundation

Moamena Kamel Foundation has been collaborating with Al Mokhtabar Labs as a philanthropic arm. This collaboration has led to supporting more than 200,000 beneficiaries in various sectors through several developmental projects.


Medical Care

Almokhtabar is one of the leading health businesses in Egypt. AlMokhtabar impact in the health sector exceeds the quality lab services provided to reach different developmental approaches to ensure that every citizen has access to suitable healthcare services.

“Thank you” the Egyptian White Army


  • The esteemed Egyptian white army is the first defense line in public health crises as was demonstrated in the Covid 19 crisis. In cooperation with union of medical syndicates, Al Mokhtabar offered special discounts for doctors and their families in recognition for their fundamental role facing the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Total number of beneficiaries: 17,160 persons


Medical Conveys


  • Al Mokhtabar promotes health as a human right. Marginalized areas usually lack access to quality health services.
  • AlMokhtabar has been collaborating with Ibrahim Badran foundation in arranging medical Convoys around Egypt since 2015.
  • AlMokhtabar volunteers have supported the Convoys in rural areas with up-to-date diagnostic equipment to provide immediate results for the patient.
  • Through the past 6 years AlMokhtabar has provided high quality medical support for more than 11 thousand patients through 149 convey.


Al Kasr El Aini Hospital


Supporting the Kidney Dialysis Unit :
  • Moamena Kamel foundation the community partner of AlMokhtabar Labs has been working with Kasr El Aini Hospital since 2019, supporting more than 16 thousand patients.
  • Moamena Kamel foundation has furnished the kidney dialysis unit with filters and medical supplies, both crucial for the successful treatment of patients.
Supporting the Gastrointestinal & Endoscopy Hospital:
  • The Moamena Kamel Foundation has supported the Gastrointestinal & Endoscopy Hospital by providing medicine, medical supplies, and various aid packages impacting more than 425 patients.
Supporting the Intensive Care Unit:
  • The foundation supported the Intensive care unit through providing medical equipment & extra beds. helping the facility expand and serve a larger number of patients.


El Abasseya chest hospital


  • In cooperation with Maxim foundation, Almokhtabar supported the renovation of the pediatric section in the hospital to help expand the hospital capacity to serve more patients.



Investment in the education and training of the global health workforce is key to improving global health goals and access to safe and effective medicines and health services. Promoting Continuous professional development is one of Al Mokhtabar CSR pillars. Al Mokhtabar believes that through well educated & up to date staff the maximum quality of service can be achieved. This is achieved through internal & external training activities.

International Medical Laboratory Scientists (ASCPi-MLS) Training Program

AlMokhtabar was able to Educate 84 chemists and technicians through 6 training cycles with the most important information in the fields of hematology, chemistry, microbiology and blood banking in addition to the practical training of those candidates inside AlMokhtabar laboratories on the all-technical points. Furthermore, we supported them to get certified from the American society of clinical pathology.


The Food Program & nutritional Support


  • Hunger and malnutrition are one of the main global challenges faced in our time. With increasing numbers, they remain barriers to sustainable development.
  • It is estimated that 10.7% of the world’s population were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016, and this number is slowly increasing. Furthermore, Egypt ranks 54th out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index.


Collaboration With The Egyptian Food Bank


  • Hunger and malnutrition are one of the main global challenges faced in our time. With increasing numbers, they remain barriers to sustainable development.


“Etameny” Project Supporting Female heading households


  • Moamena Kamel Foundation the community partner of Almokhtabar labs launched in collaboration with The Egyptian Food Bank “Etameny” Campaign which translates to “Rest Assured” which is planned to last for 10 months supporting female heading households in Giza with food baskets to improve their food insecurity experience, nutritional status and dietary diversity. As part of the project The Egyptian Food Bank will implement a complementary educational component to enhance the female’s awareness about healthy eating practices that will enable them to better utilize the provided food items. The project is in the light of both Moamena Kamel Foundation & Egyptian food bank’s constant efforts to serve the ultra-poor.


Collaboration With Misr El Kheir Foundation


  • Moamena Kamel Foundation initiated the cooperation with the Misr El Kheir Foundation in 2022 with the Ramadan initiative which led to the provision of food supplies to over 25 thousand beneficiaries from underprivileged families and families in Giza and the Red Sea.


Arranging A Ramadan Feast Gathering At “ Ahalena Elderly Care House


  • AlMokhtabar Labs volunteers Arranged a Ramadan feast in collaboration with “ Ahalena Elderly Care house ” during the holly month aiming to give an example for the importance of supporting the elderly resident in elderly care houses.


Social Development & Inclusion

Al Mokhtabar believes that providing a suitable social status & living circumstance for the community it operates in will subsequently lead to ensuring good health, wellbeing & prosperity.

Supporting Al Asmarat District


  • We supported thousands of patients by furnishing the Asmarat Medical Center with a Hematology analyzer to test for and cure Anemia.
  • The device impacted more than 5 thousand patients.
  • We also supported the neighborhood’s disadvantaged families by distributing thousands of iftar meals during Ramadan.


Supporting Elsondos Special Needs Orphanage


  • Elsondos orphanage is a shelter for orphans with special needs. AlMokhtabar Provided around 200 special needs Orphans with their needed medical tests with discounted rates.


Supporting special needs patients in partnership with Rotary NGO


  • in partnership with Rotary international NGO, AlMokhtabar labs supported a digital healthcare program aiming to facilitate receiving high quality discounted health care services for special needs patients.
  • This was achieved through developing an application containing various entities providing facilitation & discounts for them to promote inclusion.
  • 1500 special needs beneficiary have already subscribed to the program.


Al Maryoutiya Axis Development


  • Installation of three kiosks along the Mariottia Corridor to provide a stable and sustainable source of income for three local families. This played an important role in supporting the launch of the corridor, a key driver of future development for the El Giza governorate.


Providing Winter Blankets


  • Moamena Kamel foundation the community partner of AlMokhtabar Labs collaborated with Misr Elkheir foundation in the winter initiative which led to the provision of food supplies to over 32 thousand beneficiaries from underprivileged families and families affected by floodings in Giza, Upper Egypt, and the Red Sea.
  • Under the umbrella of the foundations efforts in providing decent living conditions and supporting underprivileged areas. Moamena Kamel foundation provided winter blankets for more than 150 underprivileged families.



Egyptian Culture & Heritage

Renovation of Prince Moahmed Ali Palace at Al Manial

Supporting the Renovation of Al Manial Palace through supporting a fundraising concert of the musician Ramzy Yassa.

Women Empowerment

The 2015 Global Gender Gap Index, which measures disparities between men and women across countries, ranks Egypt at 136 out of 145 countries worldwide. Al Mokhtabar has put a lot of efforts in supporting women health & wellbeing as providing health support to women that are in the highest need to help them lead their lives in the most efficient way.

Baheya Hospital


  • Baheya hospital is one of the biggest entities in Egypt supporting breast cancer patients. Their support exceeds the treatment plan & journey to reach the psychological support & rehabilitation of these patients and teaching them to integrate with the community once again & generate a sustainable income.
  • Al Moktabar has had an ongoing collaboration with Baheya to support the Breast cancer warriors at seeking healthcare at their premises from all over Egypt.


Lower Waiting Times
200 chemotherapy sessions were offered to patients, in turn lowering waiting times at the hospital.



Complete Treatment Process
63 patients received full treatment plans, helping them regain full health.



Moral and Hands-On Support for Patients
AlMokhtabr volunteers arranged a visit to Baheya Hospital to provide moral support to cancer patients during the breast cancer awareness month.



Awareness Campaigns for Early Detection
  • organizing several awareness workshops to impart knowledge on the importance of regular self-examination and early detection.
  • An exhibition for baheya warriors hand made products was arranged at the Head quarter during the “International Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, which was highly welcomed from the employees who didn’t spare the opportunity to encourage the breast cancer warriors



Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign - “افحصى تطمنى”
  • Self-Testing awareness seminars in Shubra El Kheima alongside the Bahyea Foundation and Waey Foundation. The event was attended by 40 women
  • Awareness seminar in collaboration with the Shubra Educational Administration in Nasser Secondary School for Girls. The event was attended by more than 120 students.